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What's this?

Collect an extra 2 points per £1 each time you shop online for items at Homebase via Nectar eShops first

Collect even more points with Homebase when you shop via Nectar eShops first. You'll get these extra points (up to a maximum spend of 500 per transaction) on top of the points given by Homebase on their own site.


When will I get my points?

What's this?

Your Points will be awarded within

60 days of delivery

So whether you want to completely revamp the house or garden or just give the place a lick of paint, you'll find tons of DIY home improvement ideas at the Homebase online superstore. Click 'Go shopping' and get started!

  • Points are not awarded on the cost of delivery.
  • Points are not awarded on items reserved online for store pick up.
  • Points are awarded up to a maximum spend of 500 per transaction, when you shop online exclusively through Nectar eShops.
  • Nectar points are awarded on qualifying transactions completed online on the retailer’s site, only when accessed exclusively from eShops.

Nectar points are awarded by Nectar and not the retailer so please contact us if you believe points have been incorrectly awarded to your account or if you believe you are due Points which have not been issued. However, retailers only keep transactional information for up to 6 months and therefore we are only able to investigate unissued Points, and then issue the points (if applicable), within 6 months from the date of transaction.

Note — cookies must be enabled in order for Nectar points to be allocated successfully. Read all about cookies

Should you have any further questions, please read the FAQs.